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1. A thistlelike Eurasian plant (Carthamus tinctorius) in the composite family, having orange flowers that produce seeds containing an oil used for cooking and in food products, cosmetics, and paints.
2. The dried flowers of this plant, formerly used as a source of yellow and orange dyes.

[Middle English saflour, from Old French safleur, from Old Italian saffiore (influenced by Old Italian fiore, flower), from Arabic 'uṣfur.]


1. (Plants) a thistle-like Eurasian annual plant, Carthamus tinctorius, having large heads of orange-yellow flowers and yielding a dye and an oil used in paints, medicines, etc: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. (Dyeing) a red dye used for cotton and for colouring foods and cosmetics, or a drug obtained from the florets of this plant
Also called: false saffron
[C16: via Dutch saffloer or German safflor from Old French saffleur, from Early Italian saffiore, of uncertain origin. Influenced by saffron, flower]


(ˈsæfˌlaʊ ər)

1. a thistlelike composite plant, Carthamus tinctorius, native to the Old World, having finely toothed leaves and large orange-red flower heads.
2. its dried florets used medicinally or as a red dyestuff.
[1575–85; < Dutch saffloer < Middle French safleur, alter. of Italian asfori < Arabic aṣfar yellow]
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Noun1.safflower - thistlelike Eurasian plant widely grown for its red or orange flower heads and seeds that yield a valuable oilsafflower - thistlelike Eurasian plant widely grown for its red or orange flower heads and seeds that yield a valuable oil
safflower seed - seed of the safflower
safflower oil - oil from safflower seeds used as food as well as in medicines and paints
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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