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(Placename) a city in SW Nigeria: trade centre. Pop: 629 000 (2005 est)


(oʊˈʃɒg boʊ)

a city in SW Nigeria. 421,000.
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Nigerian architect Okwui Enwezor gives as an important example of a blend between traditional architecture and contemporary sculpture the work of Austrian Suzanne Wenger and her Nigerian colleagues, creating the sacred groves for the Yoruba pantheon at Oshogbo, in clay reinforced with cement.
The organization had been growing its solutions to other places in Nigeria like Abuja, Oshogbo, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Accra, and Lome in the West African region, described the MainOne boss
Yes, she knew Mama Adouke, said Kehinde, however, she had never been in Oshogbo, even though of course she had heard of Mama Adouke.
The deep value of fertility in ATR culture is exemplified in the Osun festival in Oshogbo in southwestern Nigeria.
NOVEMBER 10-24: 1st NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC CONFERENCE ON NATURAL MEDICINE @ The Center for Black Culture and International Understanding in Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, Topics include oncology, medicinal plants, chronic pain, homeopathy, mind-body, integrative medicine, fertility, preventive medicine, and professional ethics.
These early works bring to mind graphic renditions of the acclaimed Oshogbo artist, Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, who renders mythological creatures and figures in colourful interpretive forms and fabric design.
The companies whose loan applications are under consideration, according to Jalal, include Moraplex Industry Ltd, Lagos (manufacturer of fan blades, wheel cover, radiator cover etc); Possiage Integrated Ltd, Abuja (tyre re-treading); Ekwezior Glass, Aba (windscreens and side glasses manufacturer); National Trucks Manufacturers, Kano (vehicle assembly); Ade Johnson Ltd, Oshogbo, and Frajend Nigeria Ltd (motorcycle assembly company).
A paper presented at the 25th Association held at NUG Press Centre, Oshogbo from 23-27 Oct.
In addition to analyzing two sacred drummed texts, I provide brief ethnographic accounts of two ritual performances--os/zun and egungun festivals--as enacted in the Yoruba town of Oshogbo in 2007.
When the decision to build an iron and steel industry could no longer be postponed, political consideration rather than economic rationality propelled the process into independent steel mills at Aladja (Mid West), Oshogbo (West), Ajaokuta (North Central) and Katsina (North Western).
The pictures and murals produced within the Oshogbo summer school were exciting, because of the high artistic standard which was reached and because of the originality and individuality of the work (Beier, "The Experiment in Art Teaching" 43-4).
One hundred (100) day old shaver broiler chicks (mixed sex) used for this study were purchased from Tuns Farm, Oshogbo, Nigeria.