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Noun1.Osip Mandelstam - Russian poet who died in a prison camp (1891-1938)
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La historia es conocida: en mayo de 1934, el poeta Osip Mandelstam recita en un bar unos versos satiricos contra Stalin:
Osip Mandelstam is faced with a similar question, as he wakes up one morning, sees a colorful flowery pattern before his eyes, and does not know how it got there.
In his book, Wiman includes a few translations, according to Lund, of poems written by Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, known especially for the "The Stalin Epigram," which provoked his internment in a gulag prison camp where he eventually died.
So he fills his rambling notebook with lines from Emily Dickinson, Patrick Kavanagh, Rilke, Hopkins, Osip Mandelstam, D.
Flynn delves into the material borrowed from Maria Tsvetaeva and Osip Mandelstam in On Ballycastle Beach (1988) uncovered by Shane Alcobia-Murphy, pointing out that the source texts, rather than serving as some kind of secret code that explains the poem, actually highlight the folly of attempting to interpret a poem this way.
As Osip Mandelstam, who died in Stalin's prison camps, once said: "Only in Russia is poetry respected; it gets people killed.
Although the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche had a widespread influence on Russian artists and intellectuals in the early years of the twentieth century, only recently have scholars begun to examine the impact of the German philosopher on one of the most gifted Russian poets at the time, Osip Mandelstam.
The strongest poems in the collection draw upon his memories of Hungary and his sense of exile, not only his but those of others killed or exiled like Osip Mandelstam and Radnoti, or the recurrent figure of Odysseus, whose return to Ithaca is problematic if not impossible.
We have here four Russian female poets, all of them alive and writing today, which means that their understanding of life in a Communist state is largely derived from history or from family stories; they have not suffered the trials and abasements of Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, or Osip Mandelstam.
In 1922, she married the poet Osip Mandelstam, who was arrested and sent into exile in 1934, not far from Perm, where Herzen spent the first part of his own exile.
The Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam (2004) by Osip Mandelstam
1) The inspiration he drew from such exiled poets as Osip Mandelstam, Joseph Brodsky, Czeslaw Milosz, and Zbigniew Herbert helped him to find and define his position as creative artist in relation to history and politics.