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n. Mythology
The ancient Egyptian god whose annual death and resurrection personified the self-renewing vitality and fertility of nature.

[Latin Osīris, from Greek, from Egyptian wsjr, perhaps originally js-jrt, seat of the eye (of the sun) : js-, akin to jst, seat + jrt, eye.]


(Non-European Myth & Legend) an ancient Egyptian god, ruler of the underworld and judge of the dead
Oˈsirian adj


(oʊˈsaɪ rɪs)

the Egyptian god and judge of the dead, husband and brother of Isis.
O•si′ri•an (-ri ən) adj.
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Noun1.Osiris - Egyptian god of the underworld and judge of the deadOsiris - Egyptian god of the underworld and judge of the dead; husband and brother of Isis; father of Horus
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before doubtless derived their idle tale of the child Osiris being
After these appear'd A crew who under Names of old Renown, OSIRIS, ISIS, ORUS and their Train With monstrous shapes and sorceries abus'd Fanatic EGYPT and her Priests, to seek Thir wandring Gods disguis'd in brutish forms Rather then human.
Some heavenly days must have been intercalated somewhere, like those that Hermes won with dice of the Moon, that Osiris might be born.
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Best preserved in Late Period copies, this temple manual describes the cult of Osiris in terms of specific places in the temple, its staff, and their duties.
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