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(ˈɒz mən, ˈɒs-, ɒsˈmɑn)

1259–1326, Turkish emir 1299–1326: founder of the Ottoman dynasty.
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The king of Schiraz could not afford to be so bountiful as the poor Osman who dwelt at his gate.
Former Cambodia National Rescue Party member Ismail Pin Osman was arrested in Phnom Penh on Wednesday for alleged human trafficking, though police officials offered little detail on why he was taken into custody.
Farida Osman - Egypt Today/Yasmine Hassan CAIRO - 24 January 2018: Swimming sensation Farida Osman is showing the world how far determined Egyptian athletes can get, challenging misconceptions about the power of Egyptian females.
Leban Osman, 19, and Fuaad Musa, 20, are facing trial at Cardiff Crown Court in relation to a robbery at Arora Cash Stores in Atlas Road, Canton, at around 8.
Summary: Singapore State Minister for Defense and Foreign Affairs Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman met with senior Lebanese officials Thursday to discuss bilateral ties between the two countries.
Based on the report of the news site of the local Daily Express, Saring Osman admitted to trafficking the illegal workers via a ship bound for Tanjung Berungus, Sabah, last Feb.
The Kurdish painter and sculptor Osman Neek Mnsh was born in 1955 in Sina, Eastern Kurdistan.
LEEDS UNITED have sounded out Leon Osman over a move to Elland Road.
A FLIGHT recorder recovered from the doomed EgyptAir jet, which claimed the life of Welshman Richard Osman and 64 others when it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, has been repaired.
A review of Islamism: What it Means for the Middle East and the World, by Tarek Osman (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016), 304 pages.
The hectic nature of so many people cramming into an already jam-packed Manhattan may cause headaches for some, but for Metropolitan Pacific Partners president and CEO Steve Osman, it's all part of the job.
LEON OSMAN wants to continue playing beyond the end of his current Everton contract - but insists a perfect preseason is vital.