Osman I

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Os·man I

 (ŏz′mən, ŏs′-, ŏs-män′) also Oth·man I (ŏth′mən, o͝oth-män′) 1258-1326?
Founder of the Ottoman dynasty that ruled Turkey after the 13th century. He controlled most of northwest Asia Minor.
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Osman I

(ˈɒzmən; ɒzˈmɑːn) or

Othman I

(Biography) 1259–1326, Turkish sultan; founder of the Ottoman Empire
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Noun1.Osman I - the conqueror of Turkey who founded the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman dynasty that ruled Turkey after the 13th century; conquered most of Asia Minor and assumed the title of emir in 1299 (1259-1326)
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Ertugrul Osman, who has died aged 97, was, the man who would have been the 45th head of the continent-spanning Ottoman dynasty, founded by Osman I in 1299, had events been otherwise.
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This is probably the story Osman is keen to tell everywhere and at all times: he might be the official maestro of this place, but the success of the whole team is dependent on the wholeteam.
Moyes reckons Osman is ready for an international call-up, and does not believe the midfield ace has been given the credit he deserves for his impressive displays this season.