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 (ŏz-măn′lē, ŏs-)
n. pl. Os·man·lis
1. An Ottoman Turk.
2. Ottoman Turkish.

[Ottoman Turkish 'Osmānlı (equivalent to modern Turkish Osmanlı) : 'Osmān, Osman I + -lı, adj. suff (possibly from alteration of Old Turkic -lıq).]


(Historical Terms) of or relating to the Ottoman Empire
npl -lis
1. (Historical Terms) (formerly) a subject of the Ottoman Empire
2. (Languages) the Turkish language, esp as written in Arabic letters under the Ottoman Empire
[C19: from Turkish, from Osman I]


(ɒzˈmæn li, ɒs-)

n., pl. -lis,
adj. n.
2. the language of the Ottoman Turks.
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Noun1.Osmanli - a Turk (especially a Turk who is a member of the tribe of Osman I)Osmanli - a Turk (especially a Turk who is a member of the tribe of Osman I)
Turk - a native or inhabitant of Turkey
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As it is, the BJP introduced in the 21st century a policy tried by the Zionists from before World War I, under the noses of the Osmanli sultans, of buying land from Palestinians, and thus changing the demography of Palestine.
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Bronze medals were brought by Ruslan Gadirov, Hasanaga Fatullayev (49 kg category both), Azrak Babirov (56 kg), Eldar Babayev (60 kg), Samir Nasirov (69 kg), Hasan Osmanli, Akif Hasanov (both 81 kg) and Fuad Jafarov (over 91 kg).
Clement Award was presented to teachers Kimet Agai and Adnan Agai, theater director Vladimir Milcin, ballet artist Emilija Stamenkovik (Dzipunova), writer Tomislav Osmanli and professor of nuclear medicine Borislav Karanfilovski.
The society was then formally established under the name of Osmanli Tababet- i Akiiye ve Asabiye Cemiyeti (Ottoman Society of Psychiatry and Neurology) within the same year The society was named Turk Tababet-i Akiiye ve Asabiye Cemiyeti (Turkish Society of Psychiatry and Neurology) after the foundation of Republic of Turkey.
4) the theatre of Republican period (1923-) (And, Osmanli 14-15).
"Osmanli Tababet Tarihi" (1918) ve "Bes Bucuk Asirlik Turk Tababet Tarihi" (1925) calismalariyla Turkiye'de tip tarihi ile ilgili yazi yazan ilk kisi unvanina sahip.
(3.) For similar criticisms by General Zekai Okan, the Deputy Chief of General Staff and Commander of the 1st Army against the developing dependency on the U.S., see Afif Buyuktugrul, OsmanlI Deniz Harp Tarihi ve Cumhuriyet DonanmasI, (Istanbul: T.C.
And they underestimated the strength of the Osmanli Ocaklari, ruling AK party irregulars who formed the backbone of popular resistance and could have organized violent street resistance.