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Noun1.Ottoman dynasty - the Turkish dynasty that ruled the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century to its dissolution after World War I
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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Ottoman Princess Neslishah Osmanoglu, with her beauty and character, is a woman that you cannot forget.
I've got this fancy title but don't have the riches," said Naz Osmanoglu, a British comedian and member of Turkey's former ruling family, at his first-ever gig in Turkey last week.
Byline: Faruk Ozkul, Halil Erbis, Vural Taner Yilmaz, Huseyin Kocak, Ibrahim Ali Osmanoglu and Ayhan
With Naz Osmanoglu, Matt Winning and MC Dan Thomas.
Por un lado, hallamos una estrategia que se apoya en las tecnologias de la informacion y la comunicacion (TIC), incluido el uso de registros videograbados de clases para multiplicar la posibilidad de interactuar con los asesores centrales y cada docente en el aula (Koc, Peker y Osmanoglu, 2009; Maheshwari y Raina, 1998).
Best's Review contributors: Global Insurance Advisory Leader Dave Hollander and Americas Deputy Cybersecurity Leader Ertem Osmanoglu are with EY.
THE CRASH MAT "Okay, this one is never actually in-shot, but it was on-set a hell of a lot - usually for Naz Osmanoglu who plays Toby, to fall on.
El analisis de videos entre pares aparece en la literatura como una herramienta para fomentar discusiones productivas sobre la ensenanza y el aprendizaje de la matematica (Koc, Peker & Osmanoglu, 2009; Borko, Jacobs, Eiteljorg & Pittman, 2008; Harford & MacRuairc, 2008; Santagata, zannoni & Stigler, 2007; Lundeberg, Levin & Harrington, 1999; Darling-Hammond, 1997; Hiebert et al.
3) Ayse Osmanoglu, Babam Sultan Abdulhamit (Hatiralarim), (Istanbul: Selcuk, 1960), p.
It captures facial expressions, gestures, and verbal interactions that allow teachers to experience the event as if they were in-the-moment of pedagogy, so that they can reference things that occurred to analyze and generate multiple perspectives about it (Ball & Cohen, 1999; Brophy, 2004; Clarke & Hollingsworth, 2000; Copeland & Decker, 1996; Hughes, Packard, & Pearson, 2000; Koc, Peker, & Osmanoglu, 2009; Sherin & Hans, 2004; Tripp & Rich, 2012).
The use of video cases in addition to text has been shown to be an effective tool for teacher educators as an introduction to classroom practices that their candidates will later attempt (Copeland & Decker, 1996; Koc, Peker, & Osmanoglu, 2009; Sherin, 2004; Wang & Hartley, 2003; Welsch & Devlin, 2007).