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Noun1.Osmerus - type genus of the OsmeridaeOsmerus - type genus of the Osmeridae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Osmerus mordax, rainbow smelt - important marine and landlocked food fish of eastern North America and Alaska
Osmerus eperlanus, sparling, European smelt - the common smelt of Europe
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Serious pathological liver conditions were diagnosed, in Flounder, Platichthys flesur, Ruffe, Gymonocephalus cernua and Smelt, Osmerus eperlanus caught in the River Elbe polluted waters.
An otolith-based back-calculation method to account for time-varying growth rate in rainbow smelt (Osmerus mordax) larvae.
* smelt (Osmerus eperlanus L.) from the rivermouth area of the Kokemaenjoki-Kumoalv in the Bothnian Sea (RKK), Peimari-Pemarn (A-AS), Tvarminne (H-Tva), Vaike Vain (VV), and south-western coastal freshwater basin of Pargas-Parainen (PP);
Anxious listeners awaited the radio announcer's signal that the silvery fish, with the scientific name of Osmerus mordax, were making their way to the spawning grounds.
2005: Vertical and horizontal distribution of smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) and implications of distribution patterns for stock assessment.
The effects of commercial preparations containing two different GnRH analogues and dopamine antagonists on spermiation and sperm characteristics in the European smelt Osmerus eperlanus (L.).
Saffron cod (95% FO) and rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax, (55% FO) were most prevalent, followed by sculpins (9% FO).
The diet for all birds in the colony consisted of 4.5 kg fish each day, including herring (Clupea harengus), smelt (Osmerus mordax), silverside (Menidia species), and occasional trout (Salvelinus species), and supplemented with vitamins (Mazuri Sea bird tablet daily [Mazuri, PMI Nutrition, Brentwood, MO, USA]; vitamin E and vitamin B1 4 days a week).