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A region of the central Caucasus. The area was annexed by Russia between 1801 and 1806 and is now split into North Ossetia and South Ossetia.

Os·se′tian adj. & n.


(ɒˈsiːtjə; ɒˈsɛtjə)
(Placename) a region of central Asia, in the Caucasus: consists administratively of the North Ossetian Republic in Russia and South Ossetia (formerly an Autonomous Region) in Georgia


(ɒˈsi ʃə)

a region in Caucasia: divided between the North Ossetian Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation and the South Ossetian Autonomous Region of the Georgian Republic.
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Moscow: President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty with Georgia's rebel South Ossetia region on Wednesday that almost completely integrates it with Russia, alarming Georgia and the West a year after Moscow took over Crimea.
As per the report, Russia and Georgia's declared that their breakaway region of South Ossetia have inked a "border agreement" opposed by Tbilisi.
In the meeting, Mamsurov said development of cooperation between Ossetia and Iran will be a ground for deepening current friendly ties between Iran and Russia.
To tell the truth, I prefer to trust Georgian Prime Minister what he has said about Abkhazia and South Ossetia," said Merkel.
refusal to recognize the presidential elections held in South Ossetia.
Earlier in the day a suicide bomber killed one policeman and injured three others in North Ossetia, authorities said.
ITAR Tass said that the bus with 24 passengers aboard tumbled down a steep ravine in South Ossetia, a Moscow-backed separatist region.
THE ANNIVERSARY of last year's short war between Russia and Georgia over disputed South Ossetia reached Cyprus this week with both countries holding news conferences to reiterate their sides of the story.
DURING AUGUST 2008, Georgia and Russia engaged in a brief shooting war over South Ossetia.
Georgia's leadership therefore revealed its intention to forcefully reintegrate South Ossetia which since the beginning of the 1990s had not been under the control of the government in Tbilisi.
Countdown to war in Georgia; Russia's foreign policy and media coverage of the conflict in south Ossetia and Abkhazia.
From the very beginning of the conflict -- caused by Georgia -- in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Russia pursued a wise and tactful policy toward such conflict by contributing peace settlement in the region and by showing restraint and patience, despite provocation by the Georgians.