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Noun1.Osteoglossidae - a family of large fishes that live in freshwater; includes bandfish and bonytongues
fish family - any of various families of fish
Order Osteoglossiformes, Osteoglossiformes - teleost fish with bony tongues
genus Scleropages, Scleropages - a genus of large freshwater fishes of Australia and Borneo
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Pirarucu Arapaima gigas (Osteoglossomorpha: Osteoglossidae) is a large carnivorous fish species of high commercial value and great aquaculture potential in the Amazon region.
Fiogbe, "Ontogenetic, seasonal, and spatial variation in the diet of Heterotis niloticus (Osteoglossiformes: Osteoglossidae) in the So River and Lake Hlan, Benin, West Africa," Environmental Biology of Fishes, vol.
En Colombia, especialmente en las cuencas de los rios Amazonas y Orinoco, las cuales se caracterizan por su gran potencial hidrobiologico (17) , se encuentra distribuida una gran variedad de especies de peces que pueden presentar un considerable potencial acuicola, entre ellas las del genero Osteoglossum (Osteoglossiformes: Osteoglossidae) conocidas como arawanas (1).
Family (14) Species (23) (1) Mormyridae 1-Mormyrus caschive 2-Mormyrus bebe 3-Mormyrus cyprinoids (2) Mochokidae 1-Synodontis schall (3) Bagridae 1-Bagrus bayad 2-Bagrus domac 3-Chrysichthys auratus 4-Auchenoglanis occidentals (4) characidae 1-Alestes dentex 2-Hydrocynus forskalli 3-Alestes nurse (5) Citharinidae 1-Disticodus niloticus (6) Schilbeidae 1-Schilbe mystus (7) Cyprinidae 1-labeo niloticus 2-Labeo horii 3-Barbus bynii (8) Cichlidae 1-Oreochromis niloticus (9) Clariidae 1-Clarias lazera (10) Protopteridae 1-Protopterus aethiopicus (11) Centropomidae 1-Lates niloticus (12) Tetraodontidae 1-Tetraodon lineatus (13)Malapteroidae Malapteroidae 1-Malapterurus electricus (14) Osteoglossidae 1-Heterotis niloticus Table 2: Showed fish production in months of summer 2014.
Mortality of captive Arapaima gigas (Osteoglossidae) heavily infected with the gill monogenean Dawestrema cycloancistrium.
Characterization of digestive enzymes in a carnivorous ornamental fish, the Asian bony tongue Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae).
Families and number of species in taxonomic orders of non.natives fishes and trasplanted presents of the department of Caldas Orden / Familias / # Especies / Orders Families # Species Osteoglossiformes Osteoglossidae 2 Chara ciform es Prochilodontidae 1 Chara cidae 7 Siluriformes Loricariidae 2 Pimelodidae 1 Salmoniformes Salmonidae 2 Cypriniformes Cyprinidae 12 Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae 4 Cyprinodentiformes Poeciliidae 8 Perciformes Symphysanodontidae 1 Centra rchidae 1 Cichlidae 24 Osphronemidae 7 Total 13 72 Tabla 2.
(2010): First fossil record of an amiid fish (Halecomorphi, Amiidae) from the Latest Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina, and comments on the status of Pappichthys patagonicus Ameghino, 1906 (Teleostei, Osteoglossidae).
Criacao de Arapaima gigas (Teleostei osteoglossidae) em estufa e sistema fechado de circulacao de agua, no estado de Sao Paulo.
The different colour varieties of the Asian arowana Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae) are distinct species: morphologic and genetic evidences.