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Noun1.Osteoglossiformes - teleost fish with bony tongues
animal order - the order of animals
subclass Teleostei, Teleostei - large diverse group of bony fishes; includes most living species
family Osteoglossidae, Osteoglossidae - a family of large fishes that live in freshwater; includes bandfish and bonytongues
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Representatives of each of the four osteoglossiform extant families sensu Hilton (2003) are included in the cladistic analysis: Hiodon (Hiodontidae), Pantodon (Osteoglossidae), Xenomystus (Notopteridae) and Mormyrus (Mormyridae).
KEY WORDS: Arapaima gigas; Arteries; Stomach; Intestine; Osteoglossiformes.
Teleost fishes make up the most diverse group among the vertebrates, encompassing an estimated 20,000 living species divided into approximately 38 orders (Richter et al., 2000), among them that of the Osteoglossiforms, which comprise two families, the Osteoglossidae and the Pantodontidae.