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n.1.(Med.) Inflammation of a bone and its periosteum.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Third, we predict that the peak-LIA will have greater prevalence and severity of osteoperiostitis, representing inflammation linked to infectious disease or malnutrition.
Periostitis (here called osteoperiostitis) is inflammation of the periosteal surface of the bone; its frequency in past populations has been used to gauge population-level differences in stress and health (e.g., Buzon 2006; Hutchinson and Norr 2006; Lambert 1993; Lambert and Walker 1991; Lewis 2002).
The long bones in the four skeletal series were examined for osteoperiostitis. Percentage of bone observable was estimated from data sheets (in 5% increments) and calculated into a weight variable used in statistical tests.
Prevalence of osteoperiostitis of the lower limb increases into the peak-LIA (Table 4).
El indice platimerico muestra diferencias apreciables en distintas poblaciones y diversas hipotesis han tratado de explicar las razones de esas variaciones como la costumbre de permanecer en cuclillas; la adaptacion mecanica a sobrecargas en el cuello del femur durante la infancia y la primera adolescencia o en otros momentos; la asociacion con determinados estados patologicos (osteoartritis, osteoperiostitis); o la existencia de un material oseo insuficiente por deficit de calcio o vitaminas.
([dagger]) Includes 7 cases of early yaws osteoperiostitis, among whom were 3 patients with dactylilitis.
Data on osteoperiostitis, an indicator of systemic infections and/or trauma (Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin 1998) and patterns of osteoarthritis, which reveal occupational stressors and gender-based division of labor (Hollimon 1991), were examined as well.
He had slight osteoperiostitis on his tibias with no visible cause.