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n.1.(Med.) Inflammation of a bone and its periosteum.
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Third, we predict that the peak-LIA will have greater prevalence and severity of osteoperiostitis, representing inflammation linked to infectious disease or malnutrition.
In particular, osteoperiostitis has been seen as a proxy for nonspecific infectious disease (Ortner 2003).
Osteoperiostitis was recorded according to the Global History of Health Project protocol (Steckel et al.
Prevalence of osteoperiostitis of the lower limb increases into the peak-LIA (Table 4).
dagger]) Includes 7 cases of early yaws osteoperiostitis, among whom were 3 patients with dactylilitis.
Data on osteoperiostitis, an indicator of systemic infections and/or trauma (Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin 1998) and patterns of osteoarthritis, which reveal occupational stressors and gender-based division of labor (Hollimon 1991), were examined as well.
He had slight osteoperiostitis on his tibias with no visible cause.