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Variant of Ostyak.
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Estos se observan en la cultura maya clasica (el Yaxche), en la mitologia escandinava (el Yggdrasill), entre los Dyaks (en Indonesia), entre los Salish y los Nez Perce (en America del Norte), entre los Vasyugan Ostiak (en Khanty, Asia Central), en el judaismo tardio (Cercano Oriente); entre los Achilpa (en Australia) y entre los Masai, los Efe e Ijaw (en Africa) (Eliade, 1972; Green, 1977; De la Casa, 2012).
In the spring of 1933, over ten thousand deportees/colonists were dumped on the shore of Nazino Island--a great distance from the regional capital of Tomsk, and also the nearest railroad--among the local Ostiak people.
Acquaintanceship and friendly communication forced the shaman to relate the absurd history of the significance and influence of old idols on the Ostiak clan." We must distinguish several important points about this description.
For example, in Siberia Ostiaks and Tatars who converted to Orthodoxy were to be provided a new shirt, some tribute (iasak), and select privileges from the regional governors: Gramota, 6 December 1711, PSZ, 5:133.