a.1.Pertaining to, or applied to, the language of the Tuscaroras, Iroquois, Wyandots, Winnebagoes, and a part of the Sioux Indians.
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The study used the Triage BNP Test, a rapid, point-of-care diagn ostic tool developed by San Diego-based Biosite Inc.
I am the Mother and am the Father and I copulate with myself," says the gn ostic deity Protennoia in a treatise of that name.
We just wanted to inform people about our petition,'' said Carolyn Ostic, a Valley VOTE member.
Ostic said she tried several times to enter the property to use the restrooms or buy food but was routinely told by police to leave.
The police were very rude and extremely aggressive about getting me off the property,'' Ostic said.
This opportunity supports the American Red Cross as they dedicate efforts to rebuild the community and restore local operations," noted Tim Ostic, United Western Bank's Fort Collins regional president.
Nasdaq:MTXC) (the "Company") announced today that its Matrix Capital Bank subsidiary has appointed Tim Ostic as regional president for its fifth community bank branch, to be located in Fort Collins, Colo.
Most recently, Ostic was regional president at Centennial Bank of the West (Nasdaq:CBHI), in Fort Collins.
Previously, Ostic was vice president at 1st Choice Bank in Fort Collins.
Ostic also discussed his position: "The career opportunity with Matrix affords me the extraordinary chance to help build a new brand in a prosperous business community.
When German biotech firms were asked to list their areas of research activities, therapeutics came in fifth, ranked well below contract research and manufacturing, platform technologies, diagn ostics, and 'other services' (Ernst and Young 1998b: 17).