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n. pl. os·tra·ca (-kə)
An inscribed potsherd.

[Greek ostrakon, shell; see ost- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) (in ancient Greece) a potsherd used for ostracizing
2. (Archaeology) (in ancient Greece) a potsherd used for ostracizing
[from Greek]


or os•tra•kon

(ˈɒs trəˌkɒn)

n., pl. -ca or -ka (-kə)
(in ancient Greece) a potsherd, esp. one used as a ballot on which the name of a person voted to be ostracized was inscribed.
[1880–85; < Greek óstrakon; see ostracize]
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But then her name showed up on a handful of ostraka. As with Elpinice, the appearance of Coisyra on these ostraka demonstrates her public notoriety.
--(1993), "La monumentalizacion de los santuarios ibericos en epoca tardo-republicana", Ostraka (Rivista di Antichita) II-1, 117-144, Perugia.
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A descoberta em 1993, na agora de Cirene, de ostraka (Bacchielli 1994) datados no ultimo quarto do seculo V a.C., evidenciou que pelo menos em alguns momentos estava mesmo em vigor uma democracia de tipo ateniense.
The most poignant archaeological evidence records the civic role of the Agora: here are found countless ostraka, the shards of pottery on which citizens wrote the names of citizens to be shunned, literally ostracized.
'Writing and spelling on ostraka.' Hesperia Supplements 19: 75-87.
Recovered Ostraka (inscribed pot shards) also show the writing exercises of children learning their Greek letters, suggesting that a school for boys may have been part of the sanctuary operations.
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A excepcion de la carne, este ultimo fue la mas frecuente mercaderia enlistada en los ostraka (1)--285 piezas; es decir, 20 por ciento del total.
Citizens voted by etching on pieces of pottery shards, or ostraka, and selected fellow citizens who were not to be placed into leadership, but instead barred from leadership.
(24) While the Scriptorium displays authentic artifacts, including clay cuneiform tablets, ostraka, and papyri, the most controversial are the park's holdings of Torah scrolls.
Posteriormente, contudo, o ostracismo viria a constituir uma temível arma nas mãos do povo, e os inúmeros ostraka, que chegaram até nós, demonstram que nenhum político ateniense escapou à desconfiança popular (Mossé, 1997, p.