Ostrich farm

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a farm on which ostriches are bred for the sake of their feathers, oil, eggs, etc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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figure By FRANCIS MUREITHI "Auction at Ostrich Farm. We are selling our dairy cows, 30 calves, heifers and lactating animals by public auction," read a signpost last week at the junction leading to Ostrich Farm, a short distance from Kampi ya Moto trading centre in Nakuru.
Among the attractions of the recreational park are a hatchery and incubator room, deer yard, ostrich farm, bird square, rabbit house, duck lagoon and exotic animals as well as facilities such as Sky Fountain, Magical Bridge, T-Rex Ring, Golden Waterfall, 12 Zodiac Zone and 99 Cruise.
Everything ostrich you can find at The Ostrich Farm.
Later on, Griff also visits some diamond mine sites, explores an unusual train that has been converted into a hospital and takes a trip to an ostrich farm.
I salute that person!" GriffRhys |Jones visits an ostrich farm near Oudtshoorn on South Africa's Western Cape
The location for their romantic soiree was an ostrich farm which also had its own restaurant with ostrich inspired dishes on its menu including ostrich ice cream!
Ostrich Farm Visitors are nowhere near Africa, although they might think they are once theyave set foot on Curacaoas Ostrich Farm, which is one of the largest outside of the continent.
If that weren't isolating enough, Egg is also dealing with grief over her older brother's death, which has driven her mother to the bottle and her father to reclusion in the barn of the family's ostrich farm. Plus, her sister and protector, Kathy, is being ostracized (or "ostrich-sized," as Egg says) by the community for being in a relationship with another girl.