Ostrich farming

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the occupation of breeding ostriches for the sake of their feathers, etc.

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LAHORE -- Due to the apathy of the government, ostrich farming in the province has suffered.
PESHAWAR -- A local businessman dealing in Ostrich skin made products business has demanded legislation for allowing Ostrich farming in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the pattern of Punjab and Sind provinces.
The vice chancellor highlighted the importance of ostrich farming and nutritional value of its meat.
While addressing the audience, the VC emphasized importance of ostrich farming and nutritional significance of its meat.
The committee, headed by Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan, was told that under the Rozgar scheme, loans were extended to women for setting up cottage units, mushroom cultivation, poultry farming, goat/sheep farming, floriculture, ostrich farming, bee keeping and vegetable cultivation.
2,500.000 million, Development of Ostrich Farming in Punjab (Revised) at the cost of Rs.
Rawalpindi -- The 5th national training on Commercial Ostrich Farming was held at Pr Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (PMAS-AAUR, here on Tuesday, with an aim to provide technical knowledge as well as expertise for health and diseases, handling, management and marketing of ostrich meat and its by-products.
Ostrich farming is said to be one of the activities that can diversify the economy.
"Ostrich farming is new but a profitable business and the bird's meat will be available at different butcher shops and departmental stores.
As for the on-the-run Evans, after video rentals, double glazing, and ostrich farming fraud, he became involved in a new and highly lucrative kind of business - drug dealing.
* Experts have stressed the need for the promotion of ostrich farming, which is a lucrative business.
(R) Maqsood ur Rahman Qureshi on Wednesday said 'Ostrich farming has now been a part of international industry and the propensity to go for low calorie foods has forced the health conscious to opt for this meat as it is available on affordable rates of Rs.