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(German ˈɔstvalt)
(Biography) Wilhelm (ˈvɪlhɛlm). 1853–1932, German chemist, noted for his pioneering work in catalysis. He also invented a process for making nitric acid from ammonia and developed a new theory of colour: Nobel prize for chemistry 1909
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(ˈɔst vɑlt)

Wil•helm (ˈvɪl hɛlm) 1853–1932, German chemist: Nobel prize 1909.
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Noun1.Ostwald - German chemist (1853-1932)
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During the isothermal aging process, the diameter of the 1[micro]m Bi-rich particles in the solder bulk increased by about 50%, with aging time by Ostwald ripening.
Among his topics are a general classification of polymeric surfactants and their solution properties, the adsorption and conformation of polymeric surfactants at interfaces, interaction between particles or droplets containing adsorbed polymer layers and the theory of steric stabilization, Ostwald ripening in dispersions and its prevention, emulsion coalescence and its prevention, and flow characteristics (rheology) of formulations.
Northwest Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of guest conductor Ray Ostwald, will present a concert at 3:30 p.m.
The growth and coarsening of liquid globules mainly depends on Ostwald ripening, Brownian motions, Marangoni migration, and Stokes movement.
Durante la primera decada del siglo XX, Miguel de Unamuno le recomienda a un amigo chileno--Luis Ross Mugica--que lea textos escritos por el psicologo/filosofo/medico Hugo Munsterberg y el quimico/filosofo/Premio Nobel Wilhelm Ostwald. Ello permite vincular intertextualmente el pensamiento de tres figuras internacionales poseedoras de autorizadas credenciales.
Focusing on case studies from archival materials, the author depicts the life and intentions of three projectors who suggested a global perspective on the world in their works: Wilhelm Ostwald, Franz Maria Feldhaus, and Walther Rathenau.
To help users learn more about the Sousa/ Ostwald Award collection, SCPA has created an online guide about the history of the award, available at http://lib.guides.umd.edu/ostwald.
"As the agreement makes clear." Ostwald said, "ISO and other defendants have consistently maintained --and continue to maintain--that their actions were legal and proper, notwithstanding the state's claims.
Mark Ostwald, vice president and general manager of Freudenberg Medical.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 27, 2015-Michael Kors appoints Marcel Ostwald as new senior vice president, Men's Design
Around the turn of the 19th century, scientists such as Pierre Duhem, Ernest Mach and German chemist Wilhelm Ostwald became concerned about the use of mechanistic models, and metaphysical beliefs.