Oswald Spengler

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Noun1.Oswald Spengler - German philosopher who argued that cultures grow and decay in cycles (1880-1936)
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French Clergyman Saint Simon and German thinker Oswald Spengler explored the biological system of society and state, testifying the fact that a state is a living organ having innate law of its birth, growth, decline and death.
Towards the end of the World War I, Oswald Spengler urged man not to write poetry in his The Decline of the West, but to produce machines instead.
thinkers, such as Hegel and Scheler, but also to Oswald Spengler's
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Albeit he did not know the contemporary German cultural criticism his ideas run parallel with these of Oswald Spengler. The fact was that Szabo, from the respect of the critique of metropolis, was ahead of the German philosopher; his book appeared in 1919 while the second volume of The Decline of the West (in Germain: Der Untergang des Abendlandes, original edition in 1922 (vol.