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 (ôsh-vyĕn′chēm) Formerly Ausch·witz (oush′vĭts′)
A city of southern Poland west of Kraków. During World War II it was the site of the largest Nazi concentration camp.


(Polish ɔʃˈfjɛntʃim)
(Placename) the Polish name for Auschwitz


(ˈaʊʃ vɪts)

a town in SW Poland: site of Nazi death camp during World War II. 39,600. Polish, Oswięcim.
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The camp was formerly Polish army barracks and sits in the town of Oswiecim.
lt;B Pope Francis walks through the gate of the former Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz in Oswiecim, Poland, yesterday
Pope Francis pays respects by the death wall in the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim
com), Oswiecim, Poland, has finished construction of a modern SSBR rubber production plant in Oswiecim.
Played in the last remaining Synagogue outside of Auschwitz in the city Oswiecim," Matisyahu announced on his Facebook page.
The 17-year-old boys, who were on a school trip, were spotted acting suspiciously at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland and were held at the police headquarters in Oswiecim.
Part of Adolf Hitler's genocide plan against European Jews, dubbed the "Final Solution", Auschwitz-Birkenau was operated by Nazi Germany in the occupied southern Polish town of Oswiecim between June 1940 and January 1945.
I took the train from Krakow to Oswiecim and the poignancy of that journey was brought home to me when a fellow passenger commented that many tens of thousands of families from the Jewish and other communities must have made that same journey in the past, never to return.
They made the 40-mile trip west to the town of Oswiecim, and then on to the nearby village of Brzezinka.
They made the 40-mile trip west to the town of Oswiecim and then on to the nearby village of Brzezinka.
The star has had 5000 complaints over the gaffe after his Life Festival gig in Oswiecim where the Nazis built their most notorious death camp and executed more than a million Jews and Poles.