Otaheite apple

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O`ta`hei´te ap´ple

1.(Bot.) The fruit of a Polynesian anacardiaceous tree (Spondias dulcis), also called vi-apple. It is rather larger than an apple, and the rind has a flavor of turpentine, but the flesh is said to taste like pineapples.
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I suspect the author meant Otaheite apple, a dark-maroon fruit, about the size and shape of a Bartlett pear, with a gently sweet, white flesh.
The injury heightened her sense of smell: She can detect ripening mangoes and Otaheite apples as well as the tragedy that will involve her great-nephew, 6-year-old Kaia, and a group known as Babylon.
Some of the fruit crop seedlings which are to be made available include guavas, mangoes, breadfruits, naseberries, ackees, cashews, nutmegs, soursops, jackfruits, avocados, tamarinds, june plums and otaheite apples.