South American sea lion

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Noun1.South American sea lion - of the southern coast of South AmericaSouth American sea lion - of the southern coast of South America
sea lion - any of several large eared seals of the northern Pacific related to fur seals but lacking their valuable coat
genus Otaria, Otaria - type genus of the Otariidae
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otarie à crinière
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This work was supported by grants from the NGO YAQU PACHA Organization for the Conservation of South American Aquatic Mammals, Zoo Heidelberg and Zoo Amneville (Project: Studies on the ecology, genetics, and conservation of the South American sea lion Otaria flavescens in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean).
No se ha demostrado accion queratinolitica en este genero, aunque su presencia se ha relacionado con ulceraciones en la piel de leon de mar (Otaria flavescens) [1].
The purpose of this research was to update and analyze the distributions and range maps of carnivore species, focusing on the 21 species that are considered at most risk from illegal trade (CITES species), which also include species in national threatened categories, with the exception of Otaria flavescens. Our specific objectives were: (a) to generate species range maps based on confirmed records, (b) to describe their distribution in Peruvian ecoregions, (c) to describe changes in species richness of these carnivores through time, and (d) to identify geographic areas and species in need of further research.
Ectoparasites from the South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens) from Peruvian coast
Along the Brazilian coast only two haul-outs of South American sea lions (Otaria flavescens) are known: Ilha dos Lobos and Molhe Leste, both located in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.
groenlandica (harp seals), Callorhinus ursinus (northern fur seals), Mirounga angustirostris (northern elephant seals), Zalophus californianus (California sea lions), Eumetopias jubatus (steller sea lions), and Otaria flavescens (South American sea lions) (9-13).
Es sabido que otra especie de mamifero marino, el lobo marino Otaria flavescens (Shaw, 1800), es visto como enemigo y fuerte competencia por los pescadores (Arias-Schreiber, 1993).
Tunez JI, Centron D, Cappozzo HL, Cassini MH (2007) Geographic distribution and diversity of mitochondrial DNA haplotypes in South American sea lions (Otaria flavescens) and fur seals (Arctocephalus australis).