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Noun1.Otariidae - eared seals: sea lions and fur sealsOtariidae - eared seals: sea lions and fur seals
mammal family - a family of mammals
Pinnipedia, suborder Pinnipedia - seals; sea lions; walruses
eared seal - pinniped mammal having external ear flaps and hind limbs used for locomotion on land; valued for its soft underfur
genus Otaria, Otaria - type genus of the Otariidae
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281 214 21 Camelidae 26 19 2 Delphinidae 6 3 1 Otariidae 8 8 2 Cricetidae 12 12 2 Pelecanus sp.
Together with the cetaceous remains there was a partially articulated rib cage of a large pinniped, probably an Otariidae.
The family Felidae, with eight species listed in CITES, had the highest number of records (815) followed by the families: Mustelidae (519), Canidae (208), Ursidae (156), Procyonidae (148), and Otariidae (93).
Las especies del genero Orthohalarachne parasitan a pinnipedos de las familias Otariidae Gray, 1825 y Odobenidae Allen, 1880 (Fay & Furman 1982).
Fur seals are any of nine species of pinnipeds in the Otariidae family.
The term fur seals and sea lions are traditionally used for 15 different species, including the South African Fur Seal from the family Otariidae. These mammals are anatomically different from the species referred to as seals.
Ocupacao sazonal por Otariidae (Mammalia-Pinnipedid) da Reserva Ecologica da Ilha dos Lobos, Municipio de Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.
Ocupagao sazonal por duas especies de Otariidae (Mammalia-Carnivora) da Reserva Ecologica da Ilha dos Lobos, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brasil.
The searches were performed without language restriction and used the key words "seal," "Phoca," "phocid," "pinniped," "otaria," "otariid," "otariidae," "Arctocephalus," Zalophus," "Callorhinus," "fur seal," "sea lion," "marine," or "marine mammal," along with "influenza," "orthomyxovirus," "zoonoses," "zoonosis," "zoonotic," "H1," "H3," "H4," "H5," or "H7" to find reports on cases of influenza in seals or seal strains found in man.