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adv.1.See Otherwise.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To say the truth, I believe the youth himself would, from some prudent considerations, have preferred another place of abode at this time, had his terror on Sophia's account given him liberty to reflect a moment on what any otherways concerned himself, than as his love made him partake whatever affected her.
'Thanking you kindly, sir,' returned Miggs, 'I couldn't take my rest in peace, nor fix my thoughts upon my prayers, otherways than that I knew mistress was comfortable in her bed this night; by rights she ought to have been there, hours ago.'
"Which I say, Sir," replied Joe, with an air of legal formality, as if he were making his will, "Miss A., or otherways Havisham.
'I'm glad to hear it,' said Sikes, looking grimly at Oliver; 'for the sake of his young carcase: as would otherways have suffered for it.
'I haven't been not to say right slap through him, very lately,' Mr Wegg made answer, 'having been otherways employed, Mr Boffin.
The awards are based on the conclusion of the research team of Otherways Management and Consulting in France.
Apart from receiving the award, Al Rawabi also received an accreditation from 'Association Otherways Management and Consultants'.
by Inheritance, Purchase, Permission, or otherways enjoys any part of the Land, so annext to, and under the Government of that Commonwealth, must take it with the Condition it is under; that is, of submitting to the Government of the Commonwealth, under whose Jurisdiction it is, as far forth, as any Subject of it.").
Reading Otherways. Stroud: The Thimble Press, 1998.
This includes being named the 'best financial brand Oman 2014' by renowned UK based Global Brands Magazine as well as receiving 'the diamond eye award for quality, commitment and excellence' from the French based Otherways Management & Consulting Association and 'business excellence award' by Texas based, World Confederation for Business (WORLDCOB), among others.
Charbel S Tabet, president and CEO, Otherways Management & Consulting (OMAC), presented the award at a ceremony in Rome.
an Innocent trespass full discovers the rancor of a base & Envious disposition[.] Yet [I] am happy to find it has rather reflected an additional lusture on your unsullied reputation than otherways, & recall with more than double disgrace upon those vile reptiles whose growling souls so callous to the dictates of a Just and liberall Sentiment, could lead them to a design so repugnant to every moral & Sociall Virtue.