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(ˈɒθmən; ɒθˈmɑːn)
adj, n
(Historical Terms) a variant of Ottoman


(ˈɒt ə mən)

adj., n., pl. -mans. adj.
1. of or pertaining to the Ottoman Empire or its rulers.
a. a member of the dynasty descended from Osman that ruled the Ottoman Empire.
b. a Turkish citizen of the Ottoman state.
3. (l.c.)
a. a cushioned footstool.
b. a low cushioned seat without back or arms.
c. a kind of divan or sofa, with or without a back.
4. (l.c.) a heavy, lustrous fabric of wool, silk, or other fibers woven with broad, horizontal ribs.
[1575–85; < French < Italian ottomano, after the founder of the empire (Arabic ‘uthmān); in definitions 5-8 < French ottomane (feminine)]
Ot′to•man•like`, adj.