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Noun1.Otho - French pope from 1088 to 1099 whose sermons called for the First Crusade (1042-1099)Otho - French pope from 1088 to 1099 whose sermons called for the First Crusade (1042-1099)
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Revenge triumphs over death; love slights it; honor aspireth to it; grief flieth to it; fear preoccupateth it; nay, we read, after Otho the emperor had slain himself, pity (which is the tenderest of affections) provoked many to die, out of mere compassion to their sovereign, and as the truest sort of followers.
Under King Otho the revenues of the State were five millions of dollars--raised from a tax of one-tenth of all the agricultural products of the land (which tenth the farmer had to bring to the royal granaries on pack-mules any distance not exceeding six leagues) and from extravagant taxes on trade and commerce.
After the battle of Navarino, when the Greek government was consolidated, he asked of King Otho a mining grant for that district, which was given him.
Those who advocated their respective sides and provided their opinion to help Sardar Panhwar and Sardar Noohani reach a fair conclusion included Sardar Mohammed Ayub Rind, Syed Asif Ali Shah, Dr Niaz Kalani, Hanif Sagar Burdi, Syed Ghulam Hussain Shah, Ayaz Solangi, Sardar Mir Mohammed Otho, Inayat Rind, Ghulam Murtaza Otho, Haji Ghulam Mustafa Rind, Haji Ibrahim Otho, Khuda Bukhsh Rind, Nawab Lashkar Khan Rind, Mir Soba Rind and Mohammad Amin Rind.
The FIRs were lodged on the complaints of Assistant Sub Inspectors Nazar Mohammad Panhwar, Hamid Ali Otho and Qutbuddin at Kotri police station while ASI Mohammad Khan Solangi registered the complaint at Nooriabad police station.
The workers and officers of Hesco, Sepco, NTDC power houses from all over Pakistan including central general secretary of APWWU Khurshid Ahmed, central president Abdul Latif Nizamani, Hesco chief Raham Ali Otho, social and religious leaders, Labour leaders of various labour unions Qamoos Gul Khatak, Javed Baloch, Walirehamn, Nisar Shaikh, Sajan Pahanwar paid homage to Iqbal Qaimkhani for his untiring efforts for cause of working class especially workers of Wapda and Hesco for which he devoted whole his life.
PISQ Principal Nargis Raza Otho expressed her deep gratitude to all the guests for sparing their valuable time and giving a positive response and constructive feedback.
The organizations' leaders Javed Junejo, Jamal Mehmood Khuhro, Shakeel Palh, Tariq Mehmood Arain, Mir Murtaza Otho, Imtiaz Malkani, Imdad Ali Otho, Ghulam Ali Shah and many others participated in the hunger strike.
The meeting was held on Sunday at Junejo house, which was presided over by Javed Ahmed Junejo and attended by Zahid Noon, Mukhtiar Narejo, Muhammad Khan Marri, Paras Narejo, Murtaza Otho, Hameed Baloch, Imamuddin Maher, Mir Muhammad Marri and others.
Principal Nargis Raza Otho cut the ribbon and officially declared the annual sports meet open.
Otho had directed officials of all operation circles, divisions and sub divisions to facilitate the consumers in that regard.
Chairing the meeting, the board's Chairman and Vice Chancellor of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Dr Muhamamad Aslam Uqaili said the incumbent HESCO's chief executive Reham Ali Otho was discharging responsibilities professionally.