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(word root) ear
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n. pl. Oto or O·tos
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting eastern Nebraska along the Platte River, with a present-day population living with the Missouri in north-central Oklahoma.
2. The Siouan language of the Oto, dialectally related to Iowa.

[Missouri wat'ota, lechers.]
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Noun1.oto - a member of the Siouan people inhabiting the valleys of the Platte and Missouri rivers in NebraskaOto - a member of the Siouan people inhabiting the valleys of the Platte and Missouri rivers in Nebraska
Siouan, Sioux - a member of a group of North American Indian peoples who spoke a Siouan language and who ranged from Lake Michigan to the Rocky Mountains
2.Oto - a dialect of the Chiwere language spoken by the Oto
Chiwere - the Siouan language spoken by the Iowa and Oto and Missouri
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Five chapters are: the holocaust again; oto feel with a human strangero; oI am the ghost who haunts uso; odeep into the lateness nowo; ospectral scrapso; oto begin the forgetting.o ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)