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Noun1.Ostariophysi - in some classifications considered a superorder comprising the Cypriniformes and the Siluriformes
malacopterygian, soft-finned fish - any fish of the superorder Malacopterygii
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Britski (1992) afirma que os Otophysi (Characiformes, Gymnotiformes e Siluriformes) sao os responsaveis por mais de 90% das especies, o que nao corresponde aos valores encontrados aqui (aproximadamente 86,1%), consequencia de um grande numero de ciclideos (Cichlidae, Perciformes), mais abundantes em ambientes de aguas mais calmas.
In principle, it can be named Otophysi, although this places the Sorbininardiformes in a kind of limbo (because they are not Otophysi but, according to the scenario proposed in Fig.