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Noun1.Otto Hahn - German chemist who was co-discoverer with Lise Meitner of nuclear fission (1879-1968)
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1879: Otto Hahn, German physicist and chemist, was born.
In 1944, Meitners contributions to the understanding of nuclear fission were ignored in favor of her longtime partners Otto Hahn. Curie and Meitner did not collaborate but were able to build off the others successes or failures.
Founded in 1998, the peace medal is named after the Nobel prize-winning German scientist Otto Hahn. In principle, the award is given out every two years.
1879: German physicist and chemist Otto Hahn was born.
Involved in intelligence during World War I, Augustine took part in a mission to capture some leading German scientists, including Otto Hahn, the discoverer of the nuclear fission principle.
Recalling the years between 1906 and the end of WWII, the book calls into service the well-known scientific minds of the time: Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Otto Hahn, and Max Planck.
Otto Hahn, a lawyer and emigration promoter from the German state of Wurttemberg, was an integral part of the German debate about emigration, colonial empire and German identity.
Filled with anecdotal information, as well as full-page, captioned, black-and-white photography, the newest additions to this very highly recommended science biography series include Linus Pauling And The Chemical Bond; Willem Einthoven; Edwin Hubble And The Expanding Universe; Henry Ford And The Assembly Line; Enrico Fermi And The Nuclear Reactor; Otto Hahn And The Story Of Nuclear Fission; Charles Richter And The Story Of The Richter Scale; Philo T.
Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, had a time twin called Otto Hahn.
Hains himself has said that he works "on a sort of web" and defines himself not as an "artist who paints paintings" but as an inaction painter," a "rapprocheur d'images." Juggling words and images, Rains thus pairs the giant mannequin of Iris Clert in Kassel with similar figures made in the small French village of Cassel (Raymond Hains avec Reuze Papa et Reuze Mama Cassel, 1997); juxtaposes in a readymade installation the name Otto Hahn with a bottle of Petrole Rahn shampoo (Hommage Boronali, Petrole Hahn, 1989); installs the Trojan horse in Troyes (Neo-Dada emballe, 1963); and, invoking the Roman name for Brittany, transforms the American Express logo (Armorican Express, 1987).