Otto I

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Ot·to I

 (ŏt′ō, ôt′ō) also O·tho I (ō′thō, ō′tō) Known as "Otto the Great." 912-973.
King of Germany (936-973) and first Holy Roman emperor (962-973). He brought Italy and Burgundy under German control.
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Otto I

(ˈɒtəʊ) or

Otho I

(Biography) called the Great. 912–73 ad, king of Germany (936–73); Holy Roman Emperor (962–73)
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Otto I

( “the Great” ) A.D. 912–973, king of the Germans 936–973; emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 962–973.
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Noun1.Otto I - King of the Germans and Holy Roman Emperor (912-973)
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"Without Otto I would have been running after Tommy and going out as a family was very challenging."
In the third book, Widukind takes the perspective of the royal court beginning with Otto I's selection of his son Liudorl as his successor in 946, and extended it at some point to include the succession of Otto II instead in 973.
Otto III (983-1002), from a family based in Saxony in northern Germany, was emperor of what we now call Germany and Italy; they had been ruled together since his grand-father Otto I took Italy in 962.
In his Life of Archbishop Brun of Cologne, Ruotger (monastic biographer and contemporary of Hrotsvit) describes how Otto I's brother Brun was sent as a four-year-old to Utrecht to be brought up by Baldrich, bishop of Utrecht during a period of intensive Viking aggression.
Holy Roman Emperor Otto I wanted a Byzantine princess for his son, Otto II.
In 936, however, a dynamic Saxon leader, Otto I, later to be called Otto the Great, was crowned king of the East Franks and Saxons.
Now, with over four decades of committed academic Churchill study, Randy Otto is an expert on virtually all aspects of Churchill's life.
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What Otto is seeing today in terms of antiscience rhetoric, he says, alarms him.
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