Otto Loewi

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Noun1.Otto Loewi - United States pharmacologist (born in Germany) who was the first to show that acetylcholine is produced at the junction between a parasympathetic nerve and a muscle (1873-1961)
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Other examples include the geneticist Barbara McClintock's comprehension of translocation of genetic material; Paul McCartney's hearing the melody of Yesterday in his head as he awoke one morning; the pharmacologist Otto Loewi's realisation about how nerve cells communicate with one another; and the Buddha's insight into the nature of human suffering.
of Graz, Austria) summarize the early work in biochemical signaling by Otto Loewi (1873-1961), Henry Hallet Dale (1875-1968), and Wilhelm Feldberg (d.1993) by way of introducing articles by and about them.
Nobel prize winner Otto Loewi said he woke up with the idea for confirming his theory that chemicals transmit messages between nerve cells in the brain.