Otto engine

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1.An engine using the Otto cycle.
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in the installation area of the gas otto engine, the following radiant heat accumulates in relation to space: - chp box (level 3 - 5): 78 kw, - chp box (level 1 - 2): 5 kw, exhaust gas space: 53 kw, - -.
In 1993, German company Foron introduced the world's first CFC-free "Greenfreeze" refrigerator 1876: Otto engine Take in, condense, ignite, work, expel: Nikolaus August Otto (1832-1891) has gone down in the annals of technology as the inventor of the four-stroke engine, accelerating the pace of motorization 1885: Automobile They made society mobile: Carl Benz (1844-1929) and Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900).
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the potential of raw materials for biobutanol, its production technologies and suitability of the product to be used as a fuel as well as to conduct exploitation tests on the mixtures of petrol and butanol in the Otto engine determining the emissions of oxides.
Approximate calculations show that cellulose biomass (forest industry, agriculture, domestic wastes) could meet all needs for Otto engine fuel.
The Otto engine, as it was called, was such a vast improvement that it caught on at once and was the basis for the internal-combustion engines of today.
6 mw per gas otto engine - generator unit, - delivery and assembly of a pre-distribution manifold and return collector, - set-up and commissioning of a cooling water pressure maintenance station, Network separation, Compressed air generation and drinking water treatment plant, - technical equipment for the gas supply (sewage gas / propane gas), - engine oil, Used oil and diesel storage tank, - pipes (steel and stainless steel) with fittings and heat or cold insulation, - measuring technology, - steel works (brackets, Substructures, Covers, Grating grating), - preparation of technical documentation, - carrying out trainings, - performing cold tests, Complex tests, - support during commissioning and trial operation with the trades involved in the project.
Otto Engine Works was awarded its first patent on a 4-cycle engine in 1867.
However, the compression had to be great, so the Diesel engine had to be considerably larger and heavier than the Otto engine if the higher pressures were to be brought about and maintained.
John Charter persuaded W&O management to take on engine manufacture after a visit to the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, where he and the office manager saw an Otto engine working.
The SVC represents a decisive step in the long-term development work aimed at combining the benefits of the Otto engine and the diesel engine," Smith said.