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Noun1.Ottoman dynasty - the Turkish dynasty that ruled the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century to its dissolution after World War I
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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Born on February 4, 1921, Princess Neslishah Osmanoglu, the granddaughter of the last Ottoman sultan, Vahideddin, and the last caliph, Abdulmecid Effendi, was the last Ottoman princess whose name was recorded in the register of the Ottoman dynasty before Ottoman rule was abolished on Nov.
To improve relations with his other archenemy, the Qajar Shah presented the Golconda d'or diamond to the Ottoman Sultan.
These pledges came to be known as the Covenant of Umar, which established the standard of conduct vis-a-vis the non-Muslim population of Jerusalem for subsequent generations and specifically for the two Muslim rulers of Jerusalem: Sultan Salah al-Din Ayyubi (1187) and the Ottoman Sultan Selim (1516).
Fuzuli began writing poetry at an early age, composing sometime around his twentieth year the important masnavi entitled Beng u Bade (Hashish and Wine), in which he compared the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II to hashish and the Safavid shah Ismail I to wine, much to the advantage of the latter.
The Stones forming the columns of Al-Kaaba, which dates back to 65 AH, The Black Stone frame, which dated back to the reign of Ottoman Sultan Murad Khan, and the Kaaba stairs, which is around 200 years old, are the most precious contents of the museum.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO - 3 July 2017: Ottoman sultan AbdE-lmecid I went out of his way to help the Irish people during the Great Famine of 1845-1852.
This volume includes articles on such topics as favorite consort to Ottoman sultan Ibrahim I Hadice Turhan Sultan (d.
In 1857 the sultan had appealed in vain to the Ottoman Sultan 'Abd al-Majid for military support against the threat of Dutch invasion, and he was to do so again to Sultan'Abdal-Hamid II in 1902 and 1903.
Manama, Aug 28 (BNA): His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received at his residence in Istanbul the Honorary Consul General of Bahrain in Istanbul, Abdullah Tivnikli, who presented to him a copy of the Holy Quran featuring the same calligraphy as the Holy Quran copy found in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and which was calligraphed by Ahmed Karahisari during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
Lada and Radu grow up together in relative safety until their father gives them up as tributes to Murad, the Ottoman sultan.
In June 2016, he presided over celebrations of the 15th-century conquest of Istanbul by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed-II, a rare moment of triumph for Turkey's Muslim ancestors over the Christian West.
Turkey's biggest and historical city of ystanbul was conquered by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II.