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n.1.An awl.
1.An owl.
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This deity they call in their language Oul. In other matters they are yet more ignorant, and have some customs so contrary even to the laws of nature, as might almost afford reason to doubt whether they are endued with reason.
Kosal's brother, Oul Thy, said before clearing the forest they had verbally requested a social land concession from local authorities but had no legal documents or written permission for the logging.
Bad is good at Gowran Not A Bad Oul Day has a good record at Gowran Park.
There are plenty of dangers including Keep Believing and Golden Dandy, but I think Not A Bad Oul Day is still well handicapped and he is the one to beat.
Depending on the age and mileage of the targeted engine year to be converted, APG performs either an on-road emissions test to meet the OUL requirements or performs tests with an engine dynamometer for the more stringent intermediate useful life (IUL) requirements.
"I was thinking about retiring oul Gerry a while ago but he's still one of the most popular people I do.
Oul' fellas pop round to see the neighbour - by dandering four miles over the muddy back field without bothering about the time.
I saw a perfectly normallooking oul' fella in Stephen's Green the other morning.
At Hay-on-Wye festival oul' Bob bemoaned the fact that while once he sang to zillions of rock fans at places like Glastonbury, now he talks to book lovers at Hay.
Then I thought, sure isn't that just like oul' Roy himself!
He's a bit of an odd one oul Derrick btw, check out his recent interview with AU and let us know on a scale of one to ten how awkward you think the interviewer will have felt.
''We had a good oul chat,'',said the Taoiseach, ''over a pint of Bass and a creme de menthe.