vb. n.1.Waving.
Ounding, paling, winding, or bending . . . of cloth.
- Chaucer.
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Unfortunately, "f ounding member Izzy Stradlin will not be joining the reunion tour, although Rose didn't give a concrete reason.
The Post has always been a high quality newspaper, bringing up-to-date news on what is happening in Liverpool and the surr ounding area.
Tarpey spent spent time abroad in London and Dubai, ounding and participating in an exchange program on global perspectives and investing in the latter.
Opening a diverse programme with a transcription of a Scarlatti keyboard sonata, he displayed consummate skill, writing the form of the sonata and those which followed clearly expressing throughout each of the movements and technically supported with ast ounding articulation.
fineHthe reso Mo lead Highwayman also started new campaign with a ounding 6-1 win over orside after taking an early through Gullier after two nutes.
5m refurbishment of a former car showroom and surr- ounding units at Colchester Avenue.