n.1.(Zool.) The orang-outang.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Why does the big white man who leads the ourang outangs follow us?" he asked.
With a sudden start she opened her eyes wide to look up into the hideous face of a giant ourang outang.
The entire crew of the SS Ourang Medan and its captain were found strewn around the ship with expressions of "convulsive horror" but no obvious injuries that could have killed them.
The distressing Morse code SOS call, made by a signaller on board SS Ourang Medan, was heard by the crew of nearby ship the Silver Star.
In a related vein, the book goes so far as to claim that this confusion of species was more seriously compounded by the Dutch physician Bontius, the first Westerner to record the name 'ourang outang', who, it is argued, applied the name not to an ape at all but to humans suffering from 'endemic cretinism' caused by iodine deficiency.
The rest of the note lists several nonsensical names including the animal "Ourang Outang":
For Janus, Nero, Judy, Travel, Butt, Hobnail, Ipeaicuanha, Middlings, Miscrecordia, Ourang, Outang & Self.
So much then for the "yellow streak" in our genealogy, derived from the "satyrus Ourang", which has "polluted the stream of 'higher' South African blood", to the extent that it should now be exterminated.
compare, the Fuegian & Ourang & outang, & dare to say difference so great; ...
While I cannot produce an "Ourang Outang" or a contrite sailor at the end of this paper (although I will produce a "bonfire" [AA, p.
A reviewer in the Southern Quarterly Review contended that the Bible remained "an immovable basis of truth" and embracing the new ethnology would allow enemies the moral advantage of representing "we hold our slaves only as a higher race of Ourangs" outside the precepts of Christian morality.