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The Best Rule Challenge Demo award was presented to Theodoras Mitsikas, Sofia Almpani, Petros Stefaneas, Panayiotis Frangos, and Iakovos Ouranos for their presentation Formalizing Air Traffic Control Regulations in PSOA RuleML.
The new rooftop lounge and bar Ouranos and Mediterraneo restaurant at Annabelle Hotel in Paphos, offer a new experience that combines food, drinks and music.
This new rooftop area, Ouranos - it means 'sky' or 'heaven' - is the first of its kind in a five-star hotel in Cyprus.
The Ouranos Bar at Annabelle Hotel WHILE many people prefer to tick off different destinations each time they pack a suitcase, for others, the true essence of a holiday is returning to a place they know and love.
In Greek mythology, the god of the heavens was known as Ouranos, literally "sky" or "heaven," and the muse of astronomy was known as Ourania.
And now came great Ouranos, bringing night with him, And, longing for love, he settled himself all over Earth.
To ensure that the 32 simulations covered most of the range of possible future temperature (minimum, maximum, and mean) simulations, we computed the differences between the average of future (2046-2065) and historical simulated temperature distributions (1971-2000) for the three temperature metrics (daily mean, minimum, and maximum temperature) based on the 32 simulations versus all simulations provided by the Ouranos Consortium on Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change ( (n = 127 simulations for mean temperatures, n = 111 for maximum and minimum temperatures).