labia majora

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labia ma·jo·ra

The two outer rounded folds of adipose tissue that lie on either side of the vaginal opening and form the external lateral boundaries of the vulva.

[New Latin labia māiōra : Latin labia, pl. of labium, lip + Latin māiōra, neuter pl. of māior, larger.]

labia majora

pl n
(Anatomy) the two elongated outer folds of skin in human females surrounding the vaginal orifice
[C18: New Latin: greater lips]

la•bi•a ma•jo•ra

(ˈleɪ bi ə məˈdʒɔr ə, -ˈdʒoʊr ə)

sing. la•bi•um ma•jus (ˈleɪ bi əm ˈmeɪ dʒəs)
the outer folds of skin of the external female genitalia.
[1870–75; < New Latin: larger lips]
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Noun1.labia majora - the two outer folds of the vulva
vulva - external parts of the female genitalia
labium - a liplike structure that bounds a bodily orifice (especially any of the four labiate folds of a woman's vulva)
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Kurs is the most common and extreme form of infibulation, where the clitoris is removed and both the inner and outer labia are stitched together, leaving a small opening for menstrual/urine flow.
Briana, who transferred from "Teen Mom 3" to "Teen Mom 2," had a breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift and a labiaplasty, which is essentially when the outer labia of the vagina are trimmed.
One sought-after look, incidentally, is called--wait for it--the Barbie: a clamshell-type effect, meaning the outer labia appears fused, with no visible labia minora.