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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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MIRPURKHAS -- Citizens of Mirpurkhas market Chowk protested against suspension of electricity for the last seven days in their area here on Friday at Market Chowk Mirpurkhas The heat-weary citizens who blocked Road from both sides and protested for hours told daily Messenger that different areas of Mirpurkhas , Market Chowk , Pak colony , Sial colony , Ghulshane Iqball , and outher,s areas have been facing power outage for the last seven days due to Hesco Mirpurkhas stubbornness.
"This will fortify and enforce, in accordance with the rule of law, the ruling in the arbitral award that in the West Philippine Sea the Philippines has a full 22-nautical mile EEZ, from the outher limits of which the 150-nautical mile extended continental shelf of the Philippines is measured," Carpio said.
Ms Mwende rushed to the scene only to find that the body was that of her missing daughter whom she recognised by the bracelet she had bought for her.EYES GORGED OUTHer eyes were gorged out, with the flesh on the scalp and face removed.
Tumor size, vascular invasion, age, menopause status, tumor size, pathological type, hormone receptor status, and tumor location in the Upper outher quadrant were found to have a significant impact on SLN metastasis for IDC (4-6).
Khursheed Shah said that we did not part of PTI's march on Raiwind we should respect outher's saying that Imran Khan can stage sit-in on Mall Road but could not cordoned of any individual's house.
For her, cutting outher "core" means cutting out the "restless"part of her that "wrestles with words," thus transformingthe Angst-ridden writer into the contented housewife.
If the outher band of the coin is obscured then the tyre tread depth is above the legal limit.
Yf one wold gyue you a pretious gyfte, as a bowe / a garment / or a swerde, ye shulde seme vnworthy the thynge that ye haue receyued, if outher ye wolde nat, or ye could nat use it.
At first we took an instant dislike to each outher and would tease each other endlessly about our musical heroes - Ed was very much into Bowie, and I was prog rock.