v. t.1.To exceed in noise; to surpass in noisiness.
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My dogs may bay at the moon, the owl on the cliff may scatter demoniac laughter, but they cannot outnoise those obstreperous gulls."
Echoing Clay's "saunterers," Allestree's latecomers kept "the Congregation in a continual motion and agitation." "Often," Allestree wrote, "during the whole time of Praier, the clapping [of] Pew-doors does outnoise the Reader." (89) Consequently, clerical chastisements against lay inattention were representative of a religious definition of appropriate church behavior, conveyed by devotional literatures and the Book of Common Prayer.
It's to be hoped the rivalry between the two sets of fans will be confined to attempting to "outnoise" each other in the stadium and the Turkish police are mounting a major operation in an effort to guarantee the safety of both the players and the travelling support.