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A remote station or post.


1. (Human Geography) a station or post in a remote region
2. (Broadcasting) in a radio network, any station other than the base station
3. (Human Geography) Austral a station set up independently of the head station of a large sheep or cattle farm
4. (Human Geography) outstation movement Austral the programme to resettle native Australians on their tribal lands
(in Malaysia) away from (the speaker's) town or area


(ˈaʊtˌsteɪ ʃən)

a remote station.
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Noun1.outstation - a station in a remote or sparsely populated locationoutstation - a station in a remote or sparsely populated location
post, station - the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand; "a soldier manned the entrance post"; "a sentry station"


[ˈaʊtˌsteɪʃən] Ndependencia f
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Contract: gb-luton: upgrade of 3 x bms outstations to siemens desigo in block 30 and provide heating controls for heating supply in wards 1-6
'This is a known fact that those working outstations are policy voters who observe the bigger picture compared to some of the locals who are more sympathetic to the status quo,' he said during a press conference in Yong Peng.
outstations around the world; SITA Community Messaging Service, which allows the
Squadron Leader Elwyn Jones born in Abergele in 1907, was in charge of 'bombe' operations at Bletchley Park and outstations.
He added that KAC, through its regional business center, provides a wide-range of engineering services, aircraft maintenance, consulting, training and workshops for KAC employees and customers in outstations.(end) hni.ha
Nabeela Fakhri, Qatar Airways senior vice-president (human resources employee services), said: "Now in its third year, the Qatar Airways Summer Internship Programme gives the highest performing students further rewards for their hard work by unlocking more opportunities to work with Qatar Airways outstations and attend specialist training with our strategic partners."
Royal Jordanian (RJ) and Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) signed a partnership agreement on April 27 that enables passengers to pay for their tickets at RJ sales offices in Jordan and the outstations using MasterCard.
The airline said that 13 UAE nationals already hold senior posts in outstations around the world.
Abdulmohsen, Ali and Amal will join 13 UAE nationals already holding senior posts in key outstations globally.- TradeArabia News Service
Using DNP3, a master gathers data from outstations primarily by sending requests, which function is known as polling.
Western Arrernte were projected out of the mission era into the current world of cash remittances and outstations without either the skills or the imaginary that would enable them to cope.