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n.1.A way out; exit.
In divers streets and outways multiplied.
- P. Fletcher.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Unfortunately for Micron investors, one analyst said Monday the cons still outway the pros at this point.
'The benefits will definitely outway the risks,' meanwhile shared Limcaoco, who also expressed his concern as a new player in the area wherein their business expansion involves a number of uncertainties.
"The benefits of this far outway the subjective views of one planning officer," he told the committee.
He doesn't say projected benefits easily outway these costs.
(1) Lucy Broadwood claimed that the term 'songsters' was used in Sussex and the term 'outway songsters' described 'excellently good singers'.
Analysis of Surgical Outcome: All the fifty three patient in this study have intraoperative findings of frozen triangle of calot with distortion of biliary and vascular anatomy with no visible outway and associated other findings as shown in Table no.
Though nothing is certain, the mayor may be part of the package and the plusses will outway the minuses.
Another high-ranking Whitehall source said: "The negatives of his redeployment far outway the positives.
In the first few weeks it can be tiring and sore, but any positives definitely outway the negatives and I'd recommend
MEPs also included a strict set of sustainability criteria to ensure that the environmental and social effects of biofuel production do not outway the benefits.
Words that begin with a vowel are transformed by adding "way" to the end and out translates into outway.