foramen ovale

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foramen o·val·e

 (ō-văl′ē, -vā′lē, -vä′-)
An opening in the septum between the right and left atria of the heart, present in the fetus but usually closed soon after birth.

[New Latin forāmen ōvāle : Latin forāmen, opening + Medieval Latin ōvāle, neuter of ōvālis, oval.]

foramen ovale

n foramen m oval; patent — — foramen oval permeable
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The bottom disk is a star chart, the other has an oval hole cut out.
They have cross holes at different levels: one oval hole and the other round hole lies perpendicular to it, which are available in three sizes--2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.
Bear & Son Cutlery's new Cowhand Lockback features cowboy-appropriate, "blue jean blue" G10 scales and a large oval hole atop its high-carbon, stainless spear-point blade for 1-hand opening.
Below the chest is a smooth stomach and navel (a small oval hole cut through a false bottom--a common element found near the bottom of most of De Vore's vessels).
Nestboxes for Eastern Bluebirds should have a round entrance hole measuring 1-1/2 to 1-9/16 inches in diameter, or a 1-3/8 x 2-1/4-inch vertical oval hole, or a 1-1/8 to 1-3/16 horizontal slot entrance.
is more cult than culture"--coined by Parrino and picked up by Stroun in his text--may help account for some of the exhibition's more cryptic moments, such as self-taught Swiss artist Hans Scharer's Madonna, 1973, a pale pink, featureless effigy with a gaping oval hole instead of eyes, and a gravel-filled orifice, a vagina dentata, in place of a mouth.
The cool fluid and lubrication is lead inside the tool to cutting edge, and the body of drill has a cylindrical hole or oval hole and by outside of body in shaped pipe in 115[degrees] Vee, once with chips exhausted (Fig.
One type of hat, called a balaclava, rolls down to form a knitted hood with an oval hole to show as much of the face as you want.
1) revisits a theme Goldsworthy has been exploring for 20 years: a filigree screen made tip of leaf stalks held together with blackthorn, a delicate barrier spanning the width of the gallery, with an oval hole at its centre--an attempt to honour, in an almost generic manner, nature's fecundity and mystery, its fragility and strength.
Aristocrat fur tip pet pounds 18, dress pounds 50, oval hole opaques pounds 7, from Top Shop; Sartorial charcoal grey lilac check suit jacket, pounds 120, trousers, pounds 79, sartorial navy and pale blue stripe shirt, pounds 45, charcoal cashmere v-neck, pounds 99, Italian black leather loafer, pounds 49, from Marks & Spencer; Brown leather lace-up boots, pounds 65, from Miss Selfridge -- an inexpensive yet contemporary option for updating your footwear collection
The stoma is an oval hole protected by two guard cells.
And getting Prosinecki back in the starting line-up might just send it soaring through the oval hole in Hampden's roof.