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n.1.An ovary. See Ovary.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There must sometimes be a physical impossibility in the male element reaching the ovule, as would be the case with a plant having a pistil too long for the pollen-tubes to reach the ovarium. It has also been observed that when pollen of one species is placed on the stigma of a distantly allied species, though the pollen-tubes protrude, they do not penetrate the stigmatic surface.
Now, although it is most probable, from the number of eggs found in one district being so extraordinarily great in proportion to the parent birds, and likewise from the state of the ovarium of the hen, that she may in the course of the season lay a large number, yet the time required must be very long.
The term oophoron ([phrase omitted]) should be added to the preferred ovarium, as the case in the examples testis/ orchis ([phrase omitted]) and tuba uterina/salpinx ([phrase omitted]).
Metastasis occurs in nearly 20% of GCC tumors, and the ovarium is the most common metastatic site for GCC (21).
The above epithelial-specific antigen is also found in carcinomas of other organs such as ovarium, colon, prostate, stomach, and lung carcinoma.
Following some of these attacks, the gallbladder, appendix, and left ovarium were surgically removed.
Chemoprotective effect of ascorbic acid, ?-tocopherol, and selenium on cyclophosphamide-induced toxicity in the rat ovarium. Nutrition 2013; 29: 777-84.
In a study that investigation the effects of TiO2 on rat ovarium showed mitochondrial swelling and loss of cristae, condensation of nuclear material and apoptosis (Wang et al., 2011).
These extracolonic malignancies include carcinomas of small intestine, stomach, pancreas and biliary tract, ovarium, brain, upper urinary tract, and skin.
Frutex vel arbuscula ad 6 m alta; folia (5-) 9-foliolata; foliola nervis lateralibus utroque latere 14-16; pedicelli 2.5-4 mm longi; flores 11.5-12 (-14) mm longi; calyx 3.5-4 mm longus; vexillum 12-13 mm latum; ovarium 3-5-ovulatum; legumen 2.93.7 cm latum, coriaceum, laeve vel rugosum, valvis non granulosis, inter semina non constrictum.