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Past tense and past participle of oversell.
Characterized by prices regarded as excessively low because of prior heavy selling and a concomitant decline in prices: an oversold stock market.
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This, in addition to the scandals surrounding the manipulated fuel consumption figures of these cars, led to the over-selling of used cars and the collapse of their prices.
"Insight's survey demonstrates that over-selling in a market can really cause damage to a company's reputation but customers should try to see beyond the immediate 'noise' and seek out the quality that is certainly here in the market but is sometimes in the background.
The unified integration helps in ensuring stock levels remain up-to-date and there is no over-selling across all sales channels.
Unlike other retail chains in the region, DR3 automated store inventory synchronization with the web store that helped them avoiding over-selling and stopped double data-entry.
KickSync has prioritized the speed of it's service to reduce the risk of over-selling, keeping seller ratings high, and customers happy.
He added: "Not for the first time, we find the Government is over-selling a measure it announced on multiple occasions.
Nobody could accuse Le Mans organisers of over-selling their big event.
This situation comes with promising miracles, which is a consequence of over-selling and hype.
In the memorable words of the World Bank's chief economist, Kaushik Basu, "One thing that experts know, and that non-experts do not, is that they know less than non-experts think they do." The implications go beyond not over-selling any particular research result.
Selling a scientific result as exciting and interesting is great, but over-selling it as a cure to all the world's ills is dangerous.
Punters were lining up to put the boot in yesterday after the Third Division club were hit in the pocket by SFL chiefs for over-selling last Sunday's clash by 1200 tickets, forcing it to be postponed.
Elgin City have apologised again for over-selling tickets for today's cancelled clash with Rangers - but are still refusing to explain WHY they put the safety of fans at risk.