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v. o·ver·act·ed, o·ver·act·ing, o·ver·acts
To act (a dramatic role) with unnecessary exaggeration.
1. To exaggerate a role; overplay.
2. To act over and above what is required; overdo in acting.

o′ver·ac′tion n.
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Noun1.overacting - poor acting by a ham actor
acting, performing, playacting, playing - the performance of a part or role in a drama
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[ˌəʊvərˈæktɪŋ] Nsobreactuación f, exageración f (del papel)
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'It's better to be OA (over-acting) than be sorry,' Purgatoryo said.
Simon, Amanda and Alesha's jaws have been dropping on a regular basis through this entire series, often in a way that hints at over-acting and Simon in particular seems to overdo some of the eye-rolling expression of surprise and shock, considering it's his show and you'd expect him to be all over the acts and performances.
Nothing serious really, all over-acting, and then the painful surrender and silent acceptance.
Spectacular outfits aside, the cast revel in their delicious over-acting and hilariously exaggerated facial expressions, a trademark style from Luhrmann's movies.
There's maybe a touch of over-acting from some of the cast, but Jamie Lee O'Donnell stands out as mouthy Michelle, who is always getting them into trouble, and Nicola Coughlan is a delight as honest Clare.
There are a few snide jokes that land, but some get lost in his over-acting, bordering buffoonery.
And you'll be delighted to hear that this reboot, from the creator of teen hits The OC and Gossip Girl, is just as full of over-acting and melodrama.
Sometimes he said very little in his roles, but with a long, craggy face highlighted by unkempt hair and sad, droopy eyes, Stanton had a strong physical presence and made a point of not over-acting.
(We already knew that, given Punch-Drunk Love and, I'd argue, Reign Over Me, which might have suffered because of over-acting).
But the writing and over-acting of Heartbeat as a whole -- and a really bad attempt at an Irish accent, which is over the place -- for me just didn't cut it.
AFTER the excesses of Danny Collins, Al Pacino turns the over-acting dial down several notches for this gently meandering character study.