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a.1.(Cricket, etc.) Done (as bowling or pitching) with the arm raised above the shoulder. See Overhard.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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| 1864: Over-arm bowling was legalised for cricket matches.
The feel is very similar to throwing a ball over-arm.
ICC general manager of cricket Geoff Allardice sees no reason why it will not be introduced into international cricket as it has been a contentious issue for cricket since over-arm bowling was introduced.
In-fielders require good reactive ability to catch a ball falling from above their heads and strong over-arm throwing ability [3] to attempt run-outs.
The champion defended his reputation after rival Mark 'Northy' Northwood, who uses the age-old over-arm 'grenade' technique when wangling his welly, lifted the lid on the win-atall costs village heats.
Or I know that the over-arm measurement is instrumental to a garment's fitting well and comfortably, so I take care with both.
TODAY PORTUGAL DAY 1864: Over-arm bowling was legalised for cricket matches.
They must be able to serve either over-arm or underarm, but not necessarily from the baseline.
Easier with time, Mahendra ; When would that be, exactly ; When the ICC agrees with a motion to decrease the number of stumps/fielders ;Or perhaps when the IPL, pressured by DhonieCOs sponsors, outlaws over-arm bowling ;
"Third was plucky Wee Jamie Forster with 15.5 metres, closely followed by Jock Richardson with his "bouncing bomb" 16.3 metre effort, but the clear winner was Carl McMorgan's amazing 19.9 metre over-arm fling."
Accessories can be added to the radial arm saw to perform dadoing, sanding, shaping, sabre sawing, surfacing, jointing, horizontal boring and over-arm routing.