v. t.1.To bend to excess.
v. i.1.To bend over.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But the effect of the lines is not wholly comforting: when earlier the poem had spoken of "us," in its fourth line ("her earliest stars, earl stars, | stars principal, overbend us"), it was to give the impression that "us" spoke of humanity in general, collective terms; but here "us" has been whittled down to just the poet and his heart, left to face the encroaching apocalyptic "evening" in isolation.
The inspection showed the storage tank line geometry consisted of one 45[degrees] (1.5D) bend about 29 feet from the entry point, followed by a 141-foot straight section, an overbend ending with a downward pitch of 18[degrees], and a 100-foot straight section, where the inspection route ended with a stinger running through the center of the pipe.
Overbending requires knowledge of how many degrees one must overbend. The springback ratio is defined by the ratio of the initial bending radius divided by the final radius.
Lewis noted that Submar's three-man dive team was responsible for establishing the length of the pipeline exposure, which proved to be about 90 feet from the overbend of the pipe projecting into the water.
Light Gauge Overbend (LGO) heating elements imbedded within Moldatherm insulation deliver maximum radiant heat energy to the process load.
Here are the remaining diagonal nine-squares: Seven more with SAIASAIAS (Palindromicon II), most of quality superior to AISLELESS: ISOSERUMS "Iso|serum engl.: isoserum" from Roche Lexikon Medizin, should be in Stedman SANTAANAE Catostomus santaanae -immaculatus, ITISa ONYERBIKE on yer bike, famous advice for jobless by Norman Tebbitt STELLATED OED EARLSTARS OED overbend 1886q (Gerard Manley Hopkins) RABATINES OED rabatine, noun UNITANGLE unit-angle, OED radian 1879q MAKERELLE OED SEEDSSEED W93-100, Chris Long, eg "crop rotation, healthy seedsseed" in http://www.gtz.de/proklima/doc/pub1998/mebr-2.pdf.
The furnace features workspace dimensions of 24 x 48 x 24 in., rod overbend design heaters, 9-in.-thick insulated walls, a firebrick plate hearth supported on firebrick piers and an electrically operated vertical lift door with remote foot pedal control.
However, both sagbend and overbend stresses can be controlled by manipulating the tension, forward pushing of the vessel and use pf stinger type/geometry.
Overbend it slightly; the ends will spring back a bit when you release them.
Don't be tempted to overbend; a tiny nudge at each mark adds up to a nice even curve.
flaps and overbend them slightly so they'll stay in place.
In areas of overbends or under bends in the pipeline, the fluid dynamics can promote the settling of particles where they would otherwise be carried safely through the pipe.