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A decorative structure or an ornamental panel situated above a mantelpiece.

o′ver·man′tel adj.


(Architecture) an ornamental shelf over a mantelpiece, often with a mirror
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Noun1.overmantel - a shelf over a mantelpieceovermantel - a shelf over a mantelpiece    
shelf - a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects
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PHOENIX TRANSOM OVERDOOR PANEL, wood and metal, carved and painted open work relief panels with birds and flowers, Japanese, Meiji Period, late 19th century (bequest of John Ringling, 1936)
From stock come characteristically exuberant pieces such as a Kangxi Coromandel screen (80,000 [pounds sterling]-120,000 [pounds sterling]), an early 18th-century trompe I'oeil cassapanca from northern Italy (25,000 [pounds sterling]-50,000 [pounds sterling]) and Francois Boucher's La Marchande de Fleurs, a chinoiserie overdoor painting in a rocaille surround (100,000 [pounds sterling]-150,000 [pounds sterling]; Fig.
Examples of simple improvements that encompass has identified include highlighting where car park lighting was left on over weekends when the car park wasn't in use, or where a retailer's overdoor heating was left on overnight.
A range of strategies have been attempted to address the difficult conditions at entrances, including air curtains, overdoor heaters, lobbies, revolving doors and baffles.
Overdoor Christmas Card Holder pounds 20 (www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk, 0870 224 2660)
A photograph of the banquet at Malevich's 1927 Warsaw exhibition shows the ethnically Polish artist, his Soviet loyalty in doubt, having hung the painting horizontally, I suspect as an innocuous 'overdoor'.
Lakeland bursts with inspired ideas, such as an Overdoor storage rack, pounds 21.59, and a Willow Stair basket, pounds 19.57 in the hall, which could encourage kids not to leave toys scattered on the kitchen floor.
In a turnkey heating solution from AMBIRAD, Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heaters, combined with specially commissioned high-velocity overdoor air curtains, are helping maintain comfort conditions for employees working on trains that service the new Eurostar high speed rail link between London and the Channel Tunnel.
The Watteau, an overdoor of Jupiter and Antiope, is atypical of him but not of the academicians of his age, as a mythological picture with a male nude.
belle:' The Trecento Overdoor Sculptures for the Baptistry in Florence and Their Cinquecento Replacements," Studies in Iconography 26 (2005): 228-29.